Agency of the Year

Agency of the Year

Recognising a design agency that consistently delivers exceptional work is what this award is all about. It celebrates the organisation that has made a significant impression on the industry through innovative and impactful design solutions. 

Honouring such an agency encourages a standard of excellence and innovation that benefits the entire design community.

Who should enter
  • Design agencies with a proven track record of innovative and impactful work
  • Boutique studios that have made a significant mark over the past year
  • Large design firms that have consistently excelled in creativity and execution
  • Collaborative agencies that have led successful cross-disciplinary projects
Selection criteria

When judging

Consider the agency's consistency in delivering innovative and impactful design work. Evaluate their influence on the industry, client satisfaction, and their role in advancing design practices and outcomes.

  • Consistent delivery of innovative and impactful design work
  • Leadership and influence in the design industry
  • Positive client feedback and successful project outcomes
Application tips
  • Present a compelling portfolio of your agency's work, emphasising diversity, innovation, and client satisfaction
  • Highlight your agency's unique approach or philosophy in addressing design challenges
  • Provide case studies or testimonials that demonstrate successful outcomes and client impact
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