Design Pioneer

Design Pioneer

This award is dedicated to those at the forefront of design and emerging technologies like AR/VR and AI. It celebrates individuals and teams who demonstrate foresight and innovation, breaking new ground and setting the stage for the future of design. 

Honouring these pioneers encourages ongoing innovation and exploration in the industry.

Who should enter
  • Innovators working with emerging technologies like AR, VR, or AI in design
  • Designers who have introduced groundbreaking concepts or methodologies
  • Individuals or teams leading the way in new design applications or fields
  • Pioneers experimenting with new materials, tools, or techniques in design
Selection criteria

When judging

Look for ground-breaking work in emerging design fields or technologies. Assess the novelty and innovativeness of the approach, its potential to set new industry standards, and the impact it has on advancing the design field.

  • Innovation and creativity in emerging design technologies or methodologies
  • Influence on setting new trends or standards in the design field
  • Demonstrable impact of pioneering work on the design industry or community
Application tips
  • Highlight your innovative use of emerging technologies or methodologies in design
  • Demonstrate the originality and impact of your work, including how it advances the design field
  • Provide evidence of recognition or adoption within the industry to underline your pioneering status


Supporting materials

  • Portfolio showcasing pioneering work, especially in emerging technologies or methodologies
  • Press, publications, or recognitions highlighting the innovative aspects of the work
  • Category
  • Submission Close Date
  • Entry fee