Emerging Design Leader of the Year

Emerging Design Leader of the Year

Emerging talent is the lifeblood of the design industry, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives. This award shines a spotlight on the new leaders who, despite having less than eight years in the industry, are setting remarkable benchmarks and pioneering innovative pathways. Celebrating these individuals not only motivates them but also inspires the wider community to embrace change and innovation.

Who should enter

  • Young professionals leading design projects within agencies or companies
  • Up-and-coming freelance designers making a name in the industry
  • Design leads with under eight years of experience but notable achievements
  • Individuals who have shown exceptional growth and impact early in their careers
Selection criteria


Identify emerging talents who have shown remarkable innovation and leadership potential. Evaluate their achievements, the challenges they've overcome, and their contribution to the design field. Consider their ability to inspire others and their potential to shape the future of design.

  1. Remarkable achievements within eight years in the design industry.
  2. Leadership qualities and potential for future impact.
  3. Innovative contributions to projects or the design community.
Application tips
  1. Share your design journey, focusing on unique challenges you've faced and how you've overcome them.
  2. Highlight key projects or initiatives where you've demonstrated leadership and innovation.
  3. Include endorsements or feedback from peers, mentors, or industry professionals to validate your achievements.
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