Emerging Talent

Emerging Talent

Recognising up-and-coming talent is crucial for the vitality and evolution of the design community. This award spotlights the innovative work of new designers or students, celebrating fresh perspectives and originality. 

Encouraging tomorrow's talent is essential for nurturing the next generation of designers and fostering continued growth and innovation in the industry.

Who should enter
  • Design students with outstanding projects or portfolios
  • Junior designers making significant contributions to their teams or projects
  • Graduates with exceptional achievements in design-related fields
  • Young talents showcasing innovative ideas and fresh approaches to design
Selection criteria

When judging

Evaluate the originality, creativity, and potential impact of the work submitted by new and upcoming designers. Consider their approach to design challenges, the freshness of their ideas, and their potential to contribute significantly to the industry in the future.

  • Exceptional creativity and innovation in design projects
  • Potential for future impact in the design industry
  • Recognition or accolades from educational institutions or professional bodies
Application tips
  • Showcase your unique perspective and fresh approach to design challenges
  • Highlight any notable projects, recognitions, or contributions to the design community
  • Discuss your aspirations in design and how you plan to contribute to the industry moving forward


Supporting materials

  • Portfolio or project examples showcasing innovation and design skills
  • Academic or professional recommendations highlighting the individual's potential
  • Category
  • Submission Close Date
  • Entry fee