Business Impact

Business Impact

In the intersection of aesthetics and functionality lies significant business success. This award recognises designs that have not only achieved excellence in form and function but have also demonstrated measurable business outcomes. Honouring these achievements highlights the crucial role of design in driving business growth and innovation.

Who should enter

  • Designers or teams whose work has significantly boosted business metrics
  • Agencies with a track record of elevating client brands and sales through design
  • Companies that have successfully integrated design into their business strategies
  • Freelancers or consultants who have provided measurable business improvements for clients
Selection criteria


Consider the tangible business outcomes resulting from the design. Evaluate how well the design has improved business metrics, customer engagement, or market position. Look for evidence of innovation in integrating design with business strategies to achieve significant results.

  1. Clear evidence of design-driven business improvements.
  2. Measurable impact on sales, customer engagement, or market position.
  3. Innovation in integrating design with business strategy.
Application tips
  1. Detail how your design has driven business success, including specific metrics or outcomes
  2. Explain the strategy behind the design and how it aligns with business goals
  3. Provide testimonials from clients or stakeholders that demonstrate the business impact of your design
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