Social Impact

Social Impact

Social Impact recognises projects that not only meet aesthetic and functional standards but also contribute significantly to improving societal conditions. 

By honouring such work, the award highlights the crucial role of design as a catalyst for social good, encouraging the design community to harness their skills for the betterment of society and to create solutions that cater to the needs of all, particularly the underserved and marginalised. It underscores the importance of empathy, understanding, and responsibility in the design process, and celebrates those who are leading the way in making design a tool for social transformation.

Who should enter

  • Designers or teams working on projects addressing social issues
  • Non-profit organisations focusing on design solutions for community problems
  • Social enterprises employing design to fulfill their missions
  • Individuals or groups creating inclusive designs that cater to underserved communities
Selection criteria

When judging

Evaluate designs based on their effectiveness in addressing social challenges and creating positive change. Look for solutions that demonstrate a deep understanding of the issues they aim to solve and a measurable impact on the targeted communities or societal norms.

  • Design solutions addressing significant social challenges
  • Measurable impact on improving community well-being or inclusivity
  • Engagement and collaboration with target communities or stakeholders
Application tips
  • Describe the social issue your design addresses, your approach, and the outcomes achieved
  • Provide evidence of the impact your design has had on the target community or issue
  • Illustrate your design process and how it incorporates empathy, inclusivity, and community engagement
  • Category
  • Submission Close Date
  • Entry fee