Sustainable Impact

Sustainable Impact

Now, more than ever, design needs to be responsible. This category acknowledges the designers and projects that integrate environmental and ethical considerations into their work, highlighting the positive impact design can have on our planet and society. 

Celebrating such initiatives encourages the industry to adopt more sustainable and ethical practices, paving the way for a better future.

Who should enter

  • Designers focusing on eco-friendly and sustainable design practices
  • Companies implementing ethical standards and sustainability in their design processes
  • Teams developing products or services with a positive environmental impact
  • Practitioners advocating for and implementing green design solutions
Selection criteria

When judging

Judge entries on their commitment to sustainability and ethics in design. Assess how well the design addresses environmental concerns, promotes ethical standards, and contributes to a more sustainable future. Consider the measurable outcomes and long-term implications of the design.

  • Implementation of sustainable and ethical design practices
  • Measurable reduction in environmental impact or promotion of ethical standards
  • Advocacy and leadership in sustainable and ethical design initiatives
Application tips
  • Explain how sustainability and ethics are integrated into your design philosophy and processes
  • Showcase projects that have had a positive environmental or ethical impact, supported by data or metrics
  • Highlight any recognitions, certifications, or endorsements you've received related to sustainability or ethics
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