Design Team of the Year

Design Team of the Year

Exceptional collaboration and creativity can set a design team apart. This award celebrates the teams that have demonstrated outstanding teamwork, leading to exemplary design outcomes. 

Recognising such teams highlights the importance of collaborative success and sets a benchmark for excellence and innovation in team-based design projects.

Who should enter
  • Multidisciplinary design teams demonstrating outstanding collaboration and results
  • In-house design teams that have significantly impacted their company's success
  • Agencies with a consistent record of delivering exceptional design solutions
  • Collaborative groups that have completed significant design projects over the past year
Selection criteria

When judging

Assess the team's collaborative efforts, creativity, and the outcomes of their joint work. Evaluate the coherence of their collective approach, the innovation in their projects, and their contribution to setting new standards in design excellence.

  • Exceptional collaboration leading to successful design outcomes
  • Demonstrable innovation and creativity as a team
  • Positive influence on the broader design community or industry
Application tips
  • Highlight the team's collaborative achievements and the collective approach to design challenges
  • Showcase specific projects that demonstrate the team's creativity, innovation, and impact
  • Detail the processes and dynamics that make your team effective and unique in the design landscape


Supporting materials

  • Case studies showcasing the team’s collaborative design projects
  • Team testimonials or descriptions of collaborative processes and outcomes
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  • Submission Close Date
  • Entry fee