Designer of the Year

Designer of the Year

This category honours the individual designer who has made the most significant impact over the past year. Celebrating this person’s creativity, innovation, and influence reinforces the importance of individual contribution in advancing the design industry and inspiring others to reach new heights.

Who should enter
  • Individual designers who have shown exceptional creativity, innovation, and impact
  • Freelance designers with a strong portfolio of influential work
  • In-house designers who have significantly contributed to their company's design ethos
  • Professionals who have received notable recognition or awards in the design field
Selection criteria

When judging

Evaluate the individual's creativity, innovation, and overall contribution to design. Look for distinctive and impactful work that not only advances the field but also serves as inspiration for the design community.

  • Outstanding contributions to the design field or projects
  • Recognition from peers or significant impact on the design community
  • Innovation, creativity, and excellence in design work
Application tips
  • Showcase a portfolio of your best work, highlighting diversity, innovation, and impact
  • Provide context for your designs, explaining the challenges, processes, and outcomes
  • Include testimonials or recognitions that attest to your influence and contributions to the design community

Supporting materials

  • Comprehensive portfolio showcasing the designer’s best work and impact
  • Industry recognitions, awards, or testimonials supporting the designer's contributions
  • Category
  • Submission Close Date
  • Entry fee