Accessibility and Inclusion

Accessibility and Inclusion

Accessibility and inclusion are fundamental to contemporary design. This award celebrates designs that incorporate these elements at their core, showcasing progressive creativity that caters to everyone. 

Recognising such efforts is essential in promoting a design philosophy that values diversity and ensures everyone can benefit from creative solutions.

Who should enter

  • Designers specialising in accessible and inclusive design practices
  • Teams or companies that have developed products or services for people with disabilities
  • Organisations that champion diversity and inclusion through their design work
  • Individuals or groups dedicated to creating user-friendly designs for diverse audiences
Selection criteria


Focus on how well the design incorporates accessibility and inclusivity. Evaluate the approach to making products or services usable and enjoyable for a diverse range of people, particularly those with disabilities. Consider the design's impact on widening access and its contribution to social inclusion.

  • Demonstrable commitment to accessibility and inclusion in design projects.
  • Impact on making services or products more accessible to diverse users.
  • Advocacy for and implementation of inclusive design principles.
Application tips
  • Showcase your commitment to accessibility and inclusion, detailing specific features or strategies employed.
  • Provide examples of how your design has improved accessibility or inclusion for your target audience.
  • Include feedback or testimonials from users who have benefited from the accessibility and inclusivity of your design.
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