Creative Culture

Creative Culture

This award recognises the essence and success of cross-disciplinary teams uniting to tackle complex challenges through innovative solutions. Creative Culture celebrates the spirit of diverse talent and perspectives coming together, breaking down silos to create a harmonious and productive environment that fosters groundbreaking ideas and solutions. 

We are looking for teams that exemplify exceptional teamwork, where the integration of various skills and viewpoints leads to superior problem-solving design outcomes. This category honours the power of collective effort and the remarkable results that can be achieved when creative minds collaborate with a shared vision and purpose.

Who should enter
  • Design teams from agencies known for their collaborative culture
  • In-house design departments within corporations that emphasise teamwork
  • Startups with a strong emphasis on design thinking and team collaboration
  • Educational institutions or communities fostering innovative design collaboration
Selection criteria

When judging

Focus on teams that exemplify outstanding collaboration and creativity. Consider the environment they've created for innovation and how this has translated into successful design outcomes. 

Evaluate the effectiveness of their teamwork and the impact of their collective work on their projects, company, or the wider design community.

  • Evidence of a strong, collaborative team environment
  • Successful outcomes from team-led design initiatives
  • Positive influence on team morale and creative output
Application tips
  • Showcase the collaborative processes and environment that foster creativity within your team
  • Include case studies or projects that exemplify the successful outcomes of your team's collaborative efforts
  • Highlight initiatives or practices you've implemented to enhance team dynamics and creative output
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  • Submission Close Date
  • Entry fee