Systems Innovation

Systems Innovation

In a world where adaptability and scalability are key, Systems Innovation stands out as a critical area of design. This award celebrates the architects of change: those who develop systems that are not only innovative but also modular and reusable across various applications. 

It’s essential to recognise such contributions as they set new standards for efficiency, versatility, and sustainability in design.

Who should enter
  • Designers or teams specialising in systems design or service design
  • Companies that have developed scalable, modular design systems
  • Teams behind innovative design frameworks or toolkits
  • Design consultants focusing on systemic solutions for industries
Selection criteria

When judging

Assess the ingenuity and practicality of modular and scalable design systems. Look for solutions that address complex design challenges effectively and can be adapted for various applications. Consider the long-term impact of the system on efficiency, sustainability, and user experience.

  • Development and implementation of scalable, modular design systems
  • Demonstrable impact on efficiency, usability, or adaptability
  • Innovation in solving complex design challenges
Application tips
  • Detail the design challenges your system addresses and the innovative solutions you've implemented
  • Provide evidence of the system's scalability, adaptability, and efficiency in various applications
  • Showcase the impact and benefits of your system through user testimonials, case studies, or performance metrics
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